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PSA - Pacific Southwest Airlines - was more than just an airline. It was a family. An innovator, who's success was one of the primary motivations to deregulate the airline industry in 1978. A leader in the industry. An integral part of the Golden State, a way of life for residents as well as employees. Best known for smiles on the airplanes and stewardesses in hot pants, PSA graced California's skies for 39 years before being merged into USAir.

This page is devoted to those who's lives were touched by PSA - employees, travelers, and airplane enthusiasts.

Over the past 26 years and with the help of many others, this site has grown to be a large repository of items relating to PSA, both passenger facing and employee facing. To access all that is included in the site, simply use the menus at the top of the screen.

The History is the heart of this site. The PSA story is detailed here in original writings (in a web-friendly format). For a more detailed history, information is available on Gary Kissel's book, Poor Sailors Airline: The PSA Story. Also included in the history section are more detailed looks at parts of PSA, including the Precious Stewardess Association, Stewardesses, Flight Schedules, and Smiles painted on USAir/US Airways aircraft.

Supporting the history is the Gallery. This collection of PSA Memorabilia includes such items as Advertisements, Jingles, and Video Commercials. Additional collections include Buttons, and much, much more.

An entire listing of PSA aircraft can be found in the Aircraft section. Finally, the PSA Oldtimers have their own section with employee news and reunion information, as well as pictures.

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