Douglas DC-3

Friedkin DC-3, 2001
Friedkin DC-3, 2001
DC-3, 1952 Oakland
DC-3, 1952 Oakland
DC-3, 1952 Sky Shield
DC-3, 1952 Sky Shield
DC-3, 1955 colors
DC-3, 1955 colors

PSA started flying the DC-3 on May 6, 1949. The first one was leased for $2000/month, with the owner expecting it to run 12 hours per month. When he found out PSA was using it 150 hours per month, the owner sent a 250 pound man to Burbank to repossess it. Needless to say, the lease was renegotiated.

In the early days, PSA received approval to operate the DC-3 to 27,500 lbs weight. Leo Leonard and Joe Plosser ended up flying the airplane. To operate the DC-3, they had to compute single-engine performance figures. After loading the airplane to the maximum weight with unsecured lead weights, they took off from Lindbergh. The two ended up climbing at about 150 feet/minute on only one engine...over Mission Bay!

PSA steadily added DC-3s through the years. One noted example is a plane PSA bought, and installed a chartreuse green interior in it. Passengers learned to hate the green airplane (N49840) until a new interior was installed.

The fleet information listed below is from PSA archives, and other sources. The dates are from PSA archives. No dates have been found for the other 4 DC-3 aircraft.

Flt #RegistrationTypeMSNLNHistory
0N14959C-53D-DO11654USAF 42-68727
PSA 6/51-10/55
BU Malta, 1979
0N17333DC3-1781919PSA /52
0N60233C-47A-DL19716USAF 43-15250
PSA /49
BU Oakland, CA 1980
PSA /52
Location unknown
0N95487R4D-14225USN 3135
PSA 11/49-10/55
XA-JIH (unconfirmed)
0N17186C-47-DL4247USAF 41-7760
PSA 10/52-10/55
JA5019, Japanese Playground
0N49840C-476006USAF 41-18645
PSA 10/50-10/55
CR ANA 3/16/60, Japan
0N17085C-476084USAF 41-18678
PSA /49
DBF Mogadishu, Somalia 12-21-60
0N60256C-47A-DL9201USAF 42-23339
PSA 5/49-11/49
Operated first flight
CR Pacheco, CA 1949 Arrow Air