Bill Treese

Passed on March 20th, 2000 We are sad to report that Bill Treese passed away in his sleep on March 20th at his home in Clovis California near Fresno. As you remember, Bill started in SFO and worked his way up the ladder, paying his dues along the way. He was the first Station Manager for the Fresno station in 1972. He was later promoted to be the Station Manager in San Jose. While on vacation, he was bitten by a bug that carried and infected Bill with virile espholitius (In olden days, this was called the Black Death). Modern medicine kept him alive but in constant pain, for the rest of his life. Bill is survived by his wife Ann. He also has a brother and sister both from out of state. As a USA veteran, Bill was interned with honors at a military site near Los Banos, California. As Fred Hall (who knew him well), stated, Bill always had a kind heart and loved his work and fellow employees at PSA. We will all miss him.