Capt. Bill Hall

Passed November 30, 2004 Bill joined PSA in 1965 as a pilot on the Lockheed Electra. Prior to PSA, Bill was a gunnery sargent in the Marine Corps, as well as an aircraft salesman and instructor at Air Oasis. in 1961-62, Bill flew san Diego Union publisher James Copley's DC-3. Bill moved through the ranks at PSA to join the training department, becoming a popular trainer. Forrest Allen noted "Bill could take guys who were having trouble and work hard to get them through...He had rapport with people, good humor, and he had some techniques that worked." Bill served for six months as manager of the flight training department, as well as serving as a check pilot. After the merger, Bill moved the Charlotte training base, ending his career on the Boeing 767 in 1994. After retirement, Bill indulged his love of hunting and fishing from homes in Lake Havasu and Prescott. We will miss you, Bill.