Capt. Chuck McClain

Passed on May 8th, 2000 As a teenager in school, Chuck earned money as a service station attendant to pay for flying lessons. He then joined the Navy to fly, but circumstance intervened. However, in the process became a remarkable A/C mechanic. He then resumed his civilian career as a flight instructor, at which time (in 1954), he married his life long Maxine which bore him four beautifully grown up children. All the while continuing on his flight ratings to the point where he was hired by Slick Airways in 1955. Flying both nationally and internationally. It was in 1957 that Chuck was interviewed by, and immediately hired by PSA. A new approach airline looking for such dedicated flying talent. He served PSA with distinction for almost 28 years until ill health took it's toll and retired in 1983. Not being able to stay away from being an Aviators aviator, he found his way into volunteer efforts at the San Diego Aerospace Museum. Contributing greatly in restoring and refurbishing the glorious past of his chosen career. It is of such men that we at PSA owe a debt of gratitude for their dedication and professionalism. He left behind an example of what to be in life, as a friend, a professional and the epitomy of how to be a family man. Our best wishes to his wife Maxine and how to be a family man and to the family he loved.