Capt. Mike Bogle

Passed March 6, 2009 Capt. Mike Bogle, one of the most legendary PSA pilots, passed away peacefully March 6th. During World War II, Mike was a test pilot in the Navy, flying the Corsair and PBY. Mike was hired by PSA in 1951, and grew to be known for his legendary sense of humor, and devotion to work and family. In the early days, Mike worked at a radio and tv station, ferried airplanes, and sang in the Starlight Opera to help feed his family. Mike continued to perform with the Starlight Opera for many years. Mike's sense of humor was legendary. On one flight, after landing, he jumped out of the cockpit quickly and ran around to the back stairs, telling the stewardess who opened the door that "I've been chasing you all the way!" He would carry an encyclopedia (the "C" volume) and explain in great detail over the PA how everyone knows how electricity was invented, but nobody knows who invented the toilet (Thomas Crapper). Passengers never seemed to know this one, except for one - Ronald Reagan. Mike flew all types of aircraft in the PSA fleet, and served as Chief Pilot, prior to his retirement on April 1, 1982. After "retirement", Mike remained active flying for Scenic Air, as well as Gulf States Toyota and Cinema Air for many years. Once you met Mike, he never forgot you, and you never forgot him. Pilots always remarked "When I want to grow up, I want to be just like Mike." Services will be held March 19th at Immaculate Conception Church, in Old Town at 11 AM.