PSA was well known for their innovative commercials. The following commercials come from multiple sources, including the "Goodbye Smiles" videotape, produced in 1987 as a benefit for the victims of flight 1771.

PSA used several advertising agencies through it's life. The following agencies had PSA's account throughout the years:

  • Gross, Pera and Rockey; merged into Clinton E. Frank, Los Angeles office (1949-76)
  • Eisaman, Johns and Laws, Los Angeles office (1976-79)
  • Della Femina, Travisano and Partners, Los Angeles office (1979-81, 1985-87)
  • Bill Bailey Communications, San Diego (1981-84)
  • Dentsu, Young & Rubicam (1984-85)

Download of these files is not available, due to the work necessary to obtain the commercials.

This commercial features PSA regular Ronnie Schell inspecting everyone's smile. Check out the plane's smile, and the PSA Smile of the Day award winner. Shown in 1971, in the Bay Area.

Ronnie Schell is the judge of PSA's 9 Most Beautiful cities. Trouble is, several of the girls remind him of last night and his promise - leading Ronnie to declare a 9-Way tie! 1971 was a good year for ads...

This commercial, circa 1972 for the Sacramento market, features images from PSA's many destinations. "I'm flying to meet my girlfriend." "I'm flying to meet my boyfriend." "Of course, he might not show up." "She might not either."

The last of the ads produced by longtime agency Clinton E. Frank, this 1976 commercial shows scenes around California interspersed with a PSA 727.

The second California Scenes commercial focuses on PSA 727 aircraft.

This is the original 1976 introduction ad for the Catch Us! campaign.

This 1977 re-shoot of the introduction ad features the orange color scheme.

You know us...we're PSA. This ad from 1977 features the Catch Us! music and a 727 over California.

PSA advertises frequency over such comforts as "The Widest Wide-Body Seating available" in this 1979 ad. Direted by the legendary Joe Sedelmaier.

Instead of a movie or steak, PSA offers you simple flights, no meals, and reliable transportation, as shown in this 1979 gem of an ad. Courtesy of Allen Greene.

This ad was given to the webmaster at the 2008 Picnic. Shot at Burbank, this Orange Bowl ad advertised PSA's upcoming move to Terminal One at LAX.

This is another re-cut of the short version of the Tough To Make You Smile ad.

This is a shorter version of the Tough To Make You Smile ad.

PSA - The more you fly us, the more you want to fly us again. This is the first in a series of late 1984 ads courtesy of Wally Bohl.

Over 145 times a day, PSA connects the dots between the LA Basin and Bay Area. Courtesy of Wally Bohl.

This ad highlights PSA's sponsorship of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Why? Because you'll never hear PSA's quiet Super 80 and Smiliner aircraft. Courtesy of Wally Bohl.

When other airlines need to get a passenger somewhere they don't go, who do they call? Why, PSA of course! Courtesy of Wally Bohl.

Another airline says they're the best way from Point A to Point B. But what about Point C? Courtesy of Wally Bohl.

What if you want to go to a place another airlines don't go? PSA goes out of our way to get you to those places...Places like Fresno, Sacramento and Burbank.

PSA offers 145 flights every business day and night between all the LA airports and the Bay Area airports. PSA - More airline.

Only one airline gives you five across seating on all flights. Who is it?

Don't you just love Miss Hammersmith? "And on Tuesday, you fly..." day.

PSA announces low fares to San Francisco in this commercial.

This 1987 ad features PSA's frequency throughout California.

This commercial announces the PSA merger with USAir.

This USAir commercial reminds passengers that PSA is now USAir.